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Social Media and Advertising

Social media provide a number of dynamic platforms to engage your audience, but they also contribute to the glut of information that any potential client or reader is bombarded with each day. Social media campaigns and social media marketing services are not just about creating a social media presence but about using that presence effectively for unique, targeted, branded outreach opportunities. 


We can create and manage accounts, creating lists and organizing followers. We also conceptualize, launch and manage short- or long-term Twitter campaigns, planning a steady stream of posts for maximum impact and visibility. Although it has become ubiquitous for most news and pop culture junkies, Twitter isn't the right answer for everybody, but providing a steady stream of information and spreading your message and identity 140 characters at a time can be useful. We will work with you to wield this tool in a way that fits your needs and brand.


For many organizations and businesses, a Facebook page can be just as valuable as a website. We believe in using the two in tandem, with the website serving as a repository for information and the perfect destination for those who know you and know what they are looking for and the Facebook page serving as an outreach tool powered by your own customers and followers through their interaction with it and reaching those with similar interests. 

Email Marketing

We can create and manage lists; devise numerous list-building opportunities; conceptualize and launch e-mail campaigns; and write and distribute email communications ranging from periodical e-newsletters to one-off messages and urgent calls to action. 

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising avenues such as Google AdSense and Facebook advertising can be a relatively inexpensive way to target a very narrow segment of potential customers, tailored as specifically as your needs require. Guided by your wishes and needs, we can create and manage campaigns and, in tandem with our content management services, optimize a website to provide the best results.