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12.28.14  :  Steve

Perhaps you arrived at this website expecting to find Postscript Print & Digital. Or perhaps you were looking for my blog. A little background is necessary to understand how America's Fish evolved into Postscript and how everything goes back to where we started.

04.29.14  :  Alex

Some recent additions to our What We've Done section.

04.28.14  :  Steve

This isn't your usual, "Hey, IE has a bug so maybe you should, you know, upgrade" warning or my "IE8 is bad browser, so maybe you should, you know, upgrade" pitch. This involves the Department of Homeland Security.

04.23.14  :  Steve

My feeling about Windows 8 after running it on my Windows laptop as well as my Mac is similar to many others': it's interesting, but clunky. Even having not used Windows regularly for five years now, I still want to go to the Start button to do and find everything. I find the start screen with it's tiles needlessly colorful and not at all intuitive. But putting that aside, the good news about Windows 8 is that if you're using it, chances are really good you're using IE10 or IE11, and to you I say, welcome to the year 2011. Those browsers are the first in the IE family that do what Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera were doing five years ago: complying with web standards and providing support for CSS3 and HTML5. The last two versions of IE are, in fact, excellent browsers and if you are using IE but not using one of those two versions, you are, quite simply, getting a lesser experience than even Microsoft is willing to offer.

04.09.14  :  Steve

Back when Alex joined up with my company in the summer of 2012, we were in a rush to get a new website up — something many of our clients have also experienced. Until she joined me, the company had been doing business as America's Fish, which while still our formal company name, has always been more of an alter ego than a business. So when this little thing of ours started to look and act like a business with operating agreements and legal fees and separate tax returns, we decided we needed a new name, a new logo and new website under which to do business. But we were busy.